I’m Aaron Awad. I would probably consider myself mildly obsessed with photography. I find inspiration in my family, my friends and my community.

Aaron Awad
Introverted Selfie

My style tends towards candid and natural. I love to document everyday routines and casual interactions. For me, capturing these fleeting and genuine moments make the best memories.

Get in Touch

I have limited availability for on-location family portraits and events in and around Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Feel free to contact me at hello@aaronawad.com for more information or just to say hi. You can also follow me on Instagram or Twitter.


Besides being a photographer, I’m a designer and printmaker. When I’m not taking photos, I work with start-ups, agencies and organizations to help create simple and engaging brand identities and digital experiences. When I need a break from the computer, I like to draw pictures and create hand-made linocut and silkscreen prints and posters.


Despite the old adage that gear doesn’t matter, my enthusiasm for photography was actually re-ignited in large part by a small mirrorless camera. My first interchangeable lens camera was the Nikon D90. Over time, the size of the body became a deterrent; it was just too big and clunky to carry around comfortably for long periods of time and it ended up sitting on the shelf more often than not. Enter the Sony a6000. This little sucker is small, light and has amazing image quality. The fact that it’s an interchangeable lens camera with a short flange distance, allowed me to start experimenting with vintage manual focus lenses. These days, I’m shooting with a Sony A7II and a Fujifilm X100T.